Gabbeh Rug - 9603668|Gabbeh Rug - 9603668 , Buy Gabbeh Rug - 9603668 , Gabbeh Rug - 9603668 Price

Gabbeh Rug - 9603668|Gabbeh Rug - 9603668 , Buy Gabbeh Rug - 9603668 , Gabbeh Rug - 9603668 Price

Product Details
Carpet ID: 9603668
Thickness approx: 1-1,5cm
Age: New
Origin: Persia-Fars
Pile: Handspun Wool
Warp: Wool
Manufacturing: Handknotted
Also known as: Nomdic Rug,Nomadic Carpet,Luri,Lori,Rizbaft
Knot density: Approx 183000 Knots/sqm

Gabbeh Rug - 9603668

code : BG-799
Retail price : 556
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Warehouse: Hamburg

When the first Gabbehs were made centuries ago in mountains of southern Iran, they only were simple sleeping rugs. The current variety of colors was absent in early Gabbeh rugs, as they were woven with un-dyed wool. So they came only in brown, beige, and ivory. The color achievements happened later, thanks to the contributions of the Qashqai tribespeople of Fars Province, Iran. That and the ingenuity of an Iranian entrepreneur in late 20th century contributing to the modern designs of Gabbeh are responsible for the ever-growing popularity of these rugs. For our collection of Gabbeh rugs, we have handpicked some of the finest handwoven pieces of this pile rug.



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