Keshan Rug - 8968770|Keshan Rug - 8968770 , Buy Keshan Rug - 8968770 , Keshan Rug - 8968770 Price

Keshan Rug - 8968770|Keshan Rug - 8968770 , Buy Keshan Rug - 8968770 , Keshan Rug - 8968770 Price

Product Details
Carpet ID: 8968770
Thickness approx: 1cm-1.5cm
Age: Approx 30
Origin: Isfahan
Pile: Wool
Warp: Cotton
Manufacturing: Handknotted
Also known as: Kashan , Keshan
Knot density: Approx 160000 knots/sqm

Keshan Rug - 8968770

code : BG-449
Retail price : 2075
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Warehouse: Hamburg

The older Kashan rugs were made in a limited range of sizes: the most common pieces are over 10 m2 in area. Dozars, made in larger quantities, and mats were almost the only rug sizes woven, although an occasional zaronim or kharak is encountered. Today's production in Kashan falls into several categories:

(1) Traditional red-ground carpets: the highest stitch woven at present in woolen carpets is about 33 per gireh (about 260,000/m2).

(2) The same style woven in other towns. There is a big production of “Kashans” in Kashmar, and some of the most reliable pieces are actually made in Yazd.

(3) The new Persian-style Kashans, cream-ground pieces in allover designs

(4) Traditional-design rugs in kork - superfine animal hairs and high-grade worsted wool. These pieces are extremely fine and are priced accordingly.

In the late 1530s Kashan's fame as a textile center led to the commissioning of the master-weaver Maqsud by Shah Tahmasp to produce one of the greatest Persian carpets of all time, the Ardebil Carpet. After the end of the Safavid dynasty in 1722, weaving in Kashan dropped to a low ebb, as elsewhere in Persia, and it was not until the late nineteenth century that it revived. However, the standards set by the weavers of Kashan between 1900 and 1950, the balance they achieved between all the elements of structure, color and design - that ideal unity of form and content - have established Kashan in many people's minds as the home of the very best in carpet weaving.

For our collection we have handpicked some of the highest quality Kashan rugs from this great carpet manufacturing center in Persia.



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