Lori Rug - 224|Lori Rug - 224 , Buy Lori Rug - 224 , Lori Rug - 224 Price

Lori Rug - 224|Lori Rug - 224 , Buy Lori Rug - 224 , Lori Rug - 224 Price

Product Details
Carpet ID: 224
Thickness approx: 1cm-1.5cm
Age: New
Origin: India
Pile: Wool
Warp: Cotton
Manufacturing: Handloom
Also known as: Loom Lori , Loom Luri
Knot density:

Gabbeh Loom Lori - 224

code : BG-1667
Retail price : 314
Shipping: 40€
Delivery: 5-15 working days
31 Days money back Guarantee
Warehouse: Hamburg

Loomed rugs are made on a loom following a method that is basically a revision of an ancient weaving technique. Instead of tying knots around the foundation fiber as in classic rugs, fiber strands are placed between the loom’s vertical threads - that function as the base. Normally this should yield a flat weave but putting in rods across the loom pulls the fiber into a loop on top of the rug’s base, and thus creates pile. The only thing that holds the pile in place would then be the pressure applied to it on the loom. As easy as it may sound to skip the knotting, this practically sacrifices the precision in executing designs, which is a given in classic rugs. Hence, machines are often used to subsequently print the design on a plain loomed piece.

In Lori loomed pieces, the pile is reinforced by tying knots, giving the rug added strength and durability. Lori loomed rugs have high KPSI and offer a finer quality as a result.

The key factor in grading loomed pieces is the quality of the fiber. Our Hand-Loomed collection features India’s sturdiest Loomed rugs made of industry’s finest wool and cotton fibers.



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Transportation-related wrinkles, as seen in the rugs on the website, will be flattened out on their own within a few days of laying the rug down.


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