Round Rug - 33231|Round Rug - 33231 , Buy Round Rug - 33231 , Round Rug - 33231 Price

Round Rug - 33231|Round Rug - 33231 , Buy Round Rug - 33231 , Round Rug - 33231 Price

Product Details
Carpet ID: 33231
Thickness approx: 1cm-1.5cm
Age: New
Origin: Persian
Pile: Handspun Wool
Warp: Wool
Manufacturing: Handknotted
Also known as: Gabbeh, Gabbeh Natur
Knot density: Approx 66000 Knots/sqm

Gabbeh Natural - 33231

code : BG-1109
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Shipping: Free Shipping and return
Delivery: 5-15 working days
31 Days money back Guarantee
5 years warranty
Warehouse: Hamburg Sold out

The first Gabbehs were simple sleeping rugs woven in southwestern Iran. The appearance of Gabbeh rugs has evolved from an absence of colors or designs into a field playfully decorated with geometric objects resembling plants, animals, and humans. Lacking the intricacy and scale of other Persian carpets – such as the lower KPSI - makes Gabbeh a more affordable rug. The growing demand for the modern pile and shag rugs has turned Gabbeh into a universally popular rug in recent years. For our Gabbeh Collection, we have handpicked some of the finest handwoven pieces of this pile rug.


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