Collecting and exporting rugs in our family goes back to mid 20th century. Our great grandfather collected new and antique Persian rugs, which were sought after by both domestic and foreign buyers. Mohammadbagher Haghnegahdar - our grandfather - took charge of the business around 1965; his contributions lead to significant growth of exports and laid the foundation for the thriving company we have today.

In the late 1980s when the evolution of gabbeh rugs took place, our family was among the pioneers who rebuilt the rug-production business from the ground up.

It used to be a very traditional business reliant upon a small number of rugs provided by village weavers at random times during the year. We commissioned weavers from all over the region and beyond to produce rugs with custom designs, using premium wool and dyes made in our factory. Our family took that small business and turned it into a booming enterprise that employed over 1000 weavers producing over 30000 square meters of rugs a year in the following decade.

It has been 20 years since we established our headquarters in Hamburg, Germany to directly address the needs of our European customers; we spent the better part of this time expanding our business globally to include South Asian productions. The bulk of our modern and contemporary rugs including all of our premium custom designs are manufactured in India and Nepal.


We’d like to introduce ourselves properly. In order to give you the best possible impression, we have made a video about us. We hope you enjoy watching it.

Introduction Video (Deutsch)

Introduction Video (English)


For starters, we closely supervise all the stages of the production process to guarantee you a flawless rug.

All the materials used in the making of our handmade rugs are made in our own plants under strict quality control. The outcome is industry-leading wool and dyes.

We have the lowest pricing online for the quality we offer.

You can contact us 24/7 for professional support (00491724167508 whatsapp line). We have been in this business for three generations so when it comes to which rug is best for which interior/use or where/when/how a rug was made, our expertise is second to none.

All the items in our online store are in stock and ready to ship.

Ever since 2000 we have been receiving multiple accolades from local and international festivals; among them 10 Provincial Exemplary Exporter Of The Year trophies 2008-2016, a National Annual Handmade Festival trophy, and multiple nominations and 2 finalist places at DOMOTEX Carpet Design Awards - 2008 & 2010.