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To minimize environmental risks, we largely use organic materials in our handmade rugs. Natural handspun wool yarn and vegetable dyes ensure the premium quality of our carpets.

We manufacture durable rugs with expert craftsmanship and premium fibers. Proper maintenance would insure them against loss of value for decades.

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At CarpetConsulate we work hard to fulfill your wishes. With the wide variety of our carpets every different taste is met. Liven up your homes with our elegant rugs!

CarpetConsulate ORIENTAL

From tree and vase to animal and bird designs; from geometric to floral all-over and medallion; from Herati to boteh and prayer-rug designs, oriental rugs display a mix of beauty and intricacy that has made them ever sought-after artistic creations. Most notable among them is the Persian carpet, which has infinite variety and superior quality, owing to the extreme longevity of the local sheep wool, among other factors.


CarpetConsulate MODERN

Carpets with modern designs are becoming more and more popular all over the world. By mixing art and different weaving techniques, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Our modern collection features designs that are known for their peaceful, calming effect.


These modern minimalist carpets easily match any layout or interior design style. They give every space a fresh feeling of pleasant comfort. Feel the cozy comfort of our new minimalist rugs!


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